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10 Great Tips For Selecting an Estate Agent

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The act of selling a property can be a challenge for many. Lacking the specialist knowledge for navigating this realm can put you at a disadvantage. It is therefore wise to seek the assistance of a professional. An estate agent is your most valuable resource in this endeavour. But how do you select one for your mission? Observe, as we provide you with 10 pieces of wisdom for selecting an estate agent for your needs. 

Physical or Online Estate Agents?

Your first consideration will be whether to choose a physical or online estate agent. Each of the two provides different advantages and disadvantages. 
Traditionally, a physical estate agent is the wiser course of action. They have a full and complete premises that you can visit, as well as people on hand all the time. Of course, the personal touch is often reassuring for those people who are inexperienced with the moving process as well. New Home 4 U is the leading and award winning estate agent in Mold, so we know too well how much having a physical estate agent can assure you they're well established and trustworthy.

Create an Initial List of Agents

To create a list of who might be a good choice when it comes to estate agents is a great idea, it’s also a wise idea to ask around. Ask family members and friends who have moved before which ones they would recommend. It’s also advisable to look on third-party review sites on the Internet to see which ones in your area rank the highest. There are plenty of options, but it depends entirely on what works for you. Choose the best ranking in your area, in terms of positive reviews - and you'll be just fine.

Narrow it Down

Now that you have the beginnings of a list, the most important thing to do is try and narrow said list down. Take all of the options which you have reviewed and discovered not be of use, and take them off your list. You should be left with a smaller list, possibly three or four different estate agents, which gives you plenty to do in the way of research. It could be down to NewHome4U and a couple of others, but it’s easier to decide with 4 finalists instead of 10 hopefuls. 

Go and Visit

Now that you have whittled down the list to 3-4 hopefuls, you need to go and visit them all to identify which ones are not suitable, and which one is. Make a visit to them during business hours, and see how ready they are to deal with a newcomer. Make sure you look around their premises, see if it’s welcoming, friendly, professional and well set up. Take note of the way the representative or team member talks to you, and how people talk to customers on the phone because these are all things which will influence your decision and give you an indication as to how you’ll be treated. You're looking for an agent that speaks your language. You're looking for an agent that is friendly. You're looking for an agent that can get your house sold quickly, and efficiently.

Watch the Valuation

So one of the first things that the estate agent will do once you have selected them and made the appointment is to come and value your property. Basically, they will have a look around, figure out how much your property is worth, and then talk to you about putting it on the market.
This is a good time to begin to cultivate information about your new estate agent. Taking note of their punctuality and their professionalism os one thing, but at the end of the day, it's the passion and commitment that you're going to want to look out for. Ask them questions, and see if they answer on your level - in an informal, yet understanding way. The length of time they spend looking around your house is another great point. Granted, the agent won't need to spend more than a minute in some rooms - but to not go into certain rooms and make assumptions? These are just signs your agent isn't commited to what they're doing. At the end of the day, take into face you don’t just want them to give it a quick once over and undervalue your property, you want. a fair price. You also want a price which can sell - as commonly an over-inflated price leads to your property never selling. All in all, the valuation is an important opportunity to try and find the estate agent who will take their time looking around and come up with an honest and accurate valuation - that will get your house sold the quickest.

Communicate Well

One of the best ways to find an estate agent who is going to work well for you is to communicate with them. Talk to them about what you need, how often you need support, and what you’re looking for. An estate agent will do their best to help you, but they will work best with a tailored experience, one which you have communicated clearly to them. Moving house and buying property is a two-way street, so communicating with them and most importantly finding an agent which understands you and communicates on your level could be your recipe for success!

Ask Lots of Questions

While everything is going on, you can use the opportunities that you have here to scrutinise your potential choice of agent. Assess the quality of the estate agent you are potentially going to work with. You can ask him or her questions like whether or not they have buyers lined up already, how quickly they can sell things, what they recommend you can do to improve the value of your property, and things like that. A professional estate agent will not be afraid of questions like this. A great estate agent will be able to answer all of these questions smoothly and easily, whereas the lower quality ones will crumble under the pressure. So, this is as much an exercise in finding the right estate agent as it is getting the information you need.

Learning About Fees

Sometimes finding the right estate agent is all about paying attention to how much they would charge. Most estate agents work via a percentage of the value of the property, so what they take-home is equivalent to how much you sell for. Most estate agents, if not all of them will not take any money from you until such time as the property has been sold, and you have the funding that you need. There may be additional charges from time to time, so it is important to know how much you’ll be paying - a good, honest and reputable estate agent will have all of this information to hand for you.

Picking the Agent

So all of this has been building up to the final choice. You’ve had potentially multiple valuations, you’ve spoken to multiple estate agents, you’ve had quite a few preliminary appointments, and now you are ready to select an estate agent. This is where you take the time to weigh up all of the different pros and cons of each choice, you ask for second opinions from friends and family if you want to, and you decide who is going to be best for you. Don’t feel bad about rejecting everybody else, estate agents are very used to being considered and then not used, it’s part of the industry. Those that stand out as the best, however, won't stop until you are completely satisfied with the service.

Confirm The Partnership

Now that you have confirmed your partnership with your estate agent, you can ring them up and give them the good news. Let them know that you’re going to be working together, stipulate that you have come to expect a certain standard of professionalism from them, and that’s why they’ve been chosen, and then you can start talking about putting your property on the market.
Well done! You have successfully found and hired an estate agent.

With any luck, your property will soon go to market, get sold, and you can set about moving into your dream home.

We really hope this generic guide helps you in moving a step closer to selling your home and finding the dream NewHome4U. If we are lucky enough for you to choose NewHome4U, then luck won't be needed at all. You'll experience our dedicated and friendly team the first time you talk to us. We'll get your home on the market quickly, with professional write-ups and industry-leading photography. We aren't the leading top-selling, award-winning estate agent in Mold for nothing! Don't believe us? Check out our Google Reviews here. Good luck, and if there's anything we can do to advise or guide you, don't hesitate in sending us a message here, or calling us on 01352 837 837.