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🎄 Merry Christmas Everyone - Here's to better moving in 2021 💕

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We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our previous, current and future customers a very happy and successful 2021, and thank you all for bearing with us during 2020, we understand it's been a bumpy ride for many of us. Our whole team has worked so hard to keep things running as smoothly as possible for everyone and we're so excited to be seeing you all in 2021.

Are you looking to sell your home in the new year? Then the festive period may be spent looking at nice areas to live, ideas for your NewHome4U or even getting your current home in selling shape, ready for potential buyers. There are so many different things to consider when it comes to selling a home, not least how to make it look appealing to potential buyers; all the way through to what professional help and advice you need to get from an estate agent to maximise your chances of getting a sale.
But how exactly can you get your home ready for sale in the new year?

It Is All About The Presentation Outside

When it comes to selling a house, presentation is key. Kerb appeal is a real thing so you need to make sure that the outside is just as presentable as the inside. Keep the lawn trimmed and make sure the grass isn’t looking overgrown, and give your fences a lick of paint and your hedges a prune if they need it.
Something a lot of people forget to do is clean their windows so make sure yours are sparkling clean. You may even want to check your roof and your guttering for things that need cleaning or fixing. You might not notice the little things but potential buyers will and they will be sure to bring them up if they actually consider buying your property. You don’t want anything to impact upon your asking price so making sure you have covered everything will ensure you don’t have any surprise negotiations from people who wish to buy your property. 

...And Inside

Once potential buyers are through the front door, you want to keep their attention. This means staging your property to make it look amazing inside and out. Make sure you tidy your home before any buyers visit - this includes emptying bins, putting away dirty laundry and making the beds.
Give your home a hoover just before those viewing arrive and make sure any kid's bedrooms are as neat and tidy as can be. The same goes for any of your pet's items - pop them away, make sure where they sleep and/or eat is clean and tidy and if possible don’t have them in the property whilst people are viewing it.
Something that works subliminally is smells. Making a property smell good is a great way to capture buyers attention. A scented candle may do the trick! You will also want to make sure that the home is super comfortable, especially when it comes to temperature. After all, no one is going to feel comfortable in a home if it is too hot or too cold!

Choose The Right Estate Agent For You

When it comes to selling a property, you need an estate agent who knows what they are doing and knows how to maximise your selling potential. NewHome4U are an experienced estate agent who knows exactly what we are doing. Known as ‘the People’s Estate Agent’, we have the most real 5-star Google reviews, recurring award winners over many years and because we're friendly and straight-talking, we believe we're perfect for all of your needs.
NewHome4U can help you make your home perfect for the property market with all our teams knowledge and experience.
There are a variety of things to consider when choosing an estate agent so it is important to know what makes a good estate agent. If you have any questions, always feel completely free to call us on 01352 837 837 or click here to message us at any time.

What Makes A Good Estate Agent?

When it comes to choosing an estate agent, you will need to look for a variety of qualities. These are foundation requirements for any good estate agent, so ensure you make the right choice for you - it could be the difference between saving thousands of pounds and losing a sale completely!
Good estate agents possess up-to-date skills. To be an estate agent, you require a lot of hard work and dedication and need to be able to speak to people, negotiate with people and market yourself. You must also show a true passion for the job and helping buyers find their perfect home. This is exactly what NewHome4U has to offer.
They should also be able to connect with their customers, whether they are working with buyers or sellers. As a customer, you will want to feel that personal connection with those you are working with and know that they have your best interests at heart.
A good estate agent will also have built trust within the industry and with previous customers which can be easily demonstrated to new customers. A brand that is true and authentic and offers genuine customer service will gain people’s trust and thus their business.

Looking For Mortgage Advice?

If you’re selling up to move to a new property or buying your first ever home - you may be looking for a new mortgage. If so, you may want to consider mortgage advice from a recommended company such as LoveMortgages.co.uk. They are incredibly good at what they do, and can help you with a variety of different mortgages including buy to let, homemover and even remortgages. If you need advice about anything mortgage-related, they are the people to go.

Love Mortgages can also advise you on the right protection to have in regards to your property and lifestyle. It is important to be covered in the event of something happening and they can help you to find the right premium for you and the right cover without you over insuring yourselves and costing you money that you don’t actually need to spend. Give them a no-obligation call on 01244 90 44 10 for a chat!
The team at Love Mortgages are friendly, professional, knowledgeable and experienced - they know exactly what to do. Don’t be afraid to ask them for their help and they can help guide you to the right mortgage for your requirements.

Have an amazing Christmas, and even better New Year!

With 2021 rapidly approaching, it is great to act or at least start thinking now to make sure your house is ready for selling in the new year. By following these tips and asking us for advice, you will find a lot of interest in your home and hopefully will get it sold really quickly in 2021.