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Looking For a Fresh Start in 2020? Here’s How NewHome4U Can Help With Moving Home!

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As January is out of the way already, it can really make us sit back and reflect on just how fast this new year is going. If you're looking to buy or sell your house and are looking for a leading estate agent in Mold, look no further than NewHome4U.
We all know that moving home is a tricky business. You want to try and get that fresh start somewhere else, but to navigate the world of property is tough without professional help. Understandably, it is a goal for many people to find a secure and reliable source of assistance, and for a lot of people, that is NewHome4U. 

We Focus On You

Are you tired of being treated like just another commission? For a lot of people, the issue that they encounter with most property sales and estate agents is that they become quite detached and businesslike. This is completely acceptable in certain situations, but when you are investing in a home, that means everything to you, it’s perhaps not the right way to do things. 
We are The People's Estate Agent based in Mold, and pride ourselves on being able to treat you like a person. We understand how stressful and challenging it can be to sell and find a property, so we work with you to make sure that you feel comfortable and listened to throughout our time together.

Award-Winning Services

Something that we do focus on providing you is the highest standard of our award-winning services. We understand just how critical it can be for you to feel like you have professionals in your corner, and we are more than capable of assisting you.

As the highest performing local Mold estate agent on Rightmove, we have perfected a lot of the processes which go into selling your property or finding your new home. We take the best photos, we know how to advertise your property in an optimum way, and everything that we do is to make sure that you have a good experience. 

Easy Sales, No Worries

Naturally, we make selling your property as easy as possible because we understand how important it can be to have a smooth and effortless transaction.
The amount of things that you have to do is as limited as possible. We take care of advertising your property, taking all the best photos, making sure that people come and have a look around when convenient for you (whether you are there or not is up to you), and doing everything that we can to give you the best experience. We understand how important it can be for you to have reliable service and at the same time something which is easy for you. You can concentrate on the most important task of all, which is finding your new forever home. 
So are we ready to help you? Yes, yes we are. We have been standing ready for a long time to help anyone who needs it, and we have a track record which speaks for itself. Check out our Google reviews here. We understand the importance of being able to connect with you as a person because this helps us to understand the unique charm and appeal of your property when it comes to selling. We also help you to search for the houses which fit your criteria, and we’re quite good at predicting your needs so when you ask for something, we are ready to help do it.

Why not get in touch with us today? Call us on 01352 837 837, message us here - or pop in to see us for a cup of tea. We look forward to hearing from you!