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The Top 10 Tips For Buyers and Sellers in the Property Market

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Buying and selling a home during any period of time can appear very challenging. With that in mind, the team here at NewHome4U want to turn that concern into plenty of positive energy to not only get your old property sold, but the perfect NewHome4U found too. Here we'll try and help newcomers to the industry, sellers who are looking to buy, and even those lucky seasons property veterans with our 10 top tips for buying and selling your home :-)


Contact Agencies

The first thing that you should do if you are a newcomer to the property market is to contact an agency for expert advice. Estate agents are professionals who will be qualified to provide you with accurate and relevant assistance during this exciting period of time. Key points to look out for in your new estate agent are a fine balance between professionalism, enthusiasm and friendliness - after all; you don't want an agent with no experience or enthusiasm and over-complicated communication in charge of securing the best value for your property or finding your dream new home. 

Do Your Research

We recommended that you take the time to research the new geographical areas you're considering moving to. While you are navigating the property market, you'll not only find out what's hot or not - you'll also rank up some fantastic inspirational ideas for that NewHome4U. There are many different criteria to consider, not just the distance from your property to your work. Need help? Contact us with any questions here.

Focus on Important Details

What does this mean you may well be asking! Well; by 'important', this means something your chosen estate agent should be qualified and agile enough to help you with. From points such as ensuring your property meets all requirements to list on the market, all the way through to ensuring that you are well-protected when purchasing your new home, having an agent that engages with your journey is so important. The team at NewHome4U are experienced in dealing with all property types and knowing what to look for in regards to unsuspected surprises or catch-points when buying or selling your home. Just pick an agent that cares :-)

Reorganise Your Finances

It is logical to re-organise your finances and take stock of your situation in the wake of such a life-changing year - let alone buying your first, second or third property! You should make sure that you have a suitable mortgage plan or budget required for the type of property you are looking for, and that you have consolidated any debt you accrued during this period. Sound confusing? Well it just so happens we have our in-house specialist mortgage advisor partners at Love Mortgages who are just as friendly and supportive as the team at NewHome4U. Call them on 01244 90 44 10 or send them a message here.

Mortgage Advice that's out of this world!

Stay on the Market

It may seem sensible to keep your property guarded and to remove it from the market until you are absolutely sure you wish to sell - especially during the crazy year we've had in 2020. However, it is recommended by the experts here at NewHome4U that you continue to keep your property on the market regardless of what happens so that when someone does present an offer, you have more flexibility, options, choice and information to make a decision about your future. This piece of advice is usually for houses with other agents however, as most of our lovely homes are priced so accurately they aren't on the market for long. With that in mind, if you'd like to switch to us here at NewHome4U simply call us on 01352 837 837 or send us a message here for a no-obligation, friendly chat.

Have Safe Viewings

It is important to begin to have viewings of your property again if you are attempting to sell it. However, this does not mean that you should be unwise when it comes to social distancing or practising good hygiene. Remember to stay vigilant, and never feel uncomfortable by both viewer and estate agent requests. Your estate agent is your partner in making a success of your journey to buy or sell your home, therefore pick one that is COVID-secure, respectful and appreciative of your requirements and schedule.

Consider Home Improvement

This point has come up many times over the 6 months of 2020 - likely because of all the time people have been spending at home! Home improvement is a vital part of enhancing the value of your property, so if you have the time and resources required to make an improvement to your property, it may be a good idea to do so if you're expecting or planning to sell it at some point in the future. The rate of return will be far greater than if you simply allow these small details to go untouched, and picking an estate agent which can recognise your efforts will only lead to a better sale price. It really is a win-win!

Keep Your Home Tidy

It may seem like a common-sense point, but we wouldn't be giving you our NewHome4U top-tips if we didn't include it! The reason for this is that we want your home to sell, therefore ensuring your home is presented in the best way possible won't do anything for the overall value, but will definitely do a lot to spark any potential new owners energy into becoming attached to the home, and also gathering their own inspiration - therefore bagging you an offer in the more efficient time! It is vital to keep your home tidy if you are going to succeed in selling quickly and efficiently.

Listen to Your Estate Agent

Once you chat to, meet and choose your new estate agent, make sure that you build up a rapport and communicate with your estate agent when they give you advice about selling the property. If you have chosen well, they'll have considerable experience and will know what to do for the best in the current climate, property location and whole process of finding that NewHome4U.

Stay Calm

From working so closely with our partners at Love Mortgages, we've become so aware of how much of a big deal buying and selling property is for most people. It is so important to stay calm when selling your property. Consider each offer carefully, and identify what you need to have in place in order to move. So long as you have that, and a good estate agent watching your back, it is acceptable to sell your property in a perfectly enjoyable experience :-) 

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