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Top tips on how to make your home more valuable

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If you’re struggling to sell your home, chances are you’ve done plenty of research on how to make your home more valuable and get it selling faster. But just how much of that information and advice can you take as gospel?
The housing market can be a fickle thing at times and sometimes the property business is booming whilst at other times you are likely to hear crickets. We hear that all the time - but every single time, we always advise everyone to have faith in your estate agent. If you aren't seeing movement, choose an agent that can perform. To get your house sold, you need it in the forefront of people’s minds which means you need it to appeal to people. The more valuable the home, the more appeal it is likely to have. Kerb appeal is a real thing and you want yours to have the best kerb appeal in the whole street!
So how can you make your home more valuable and sell it faster? Here are some top tips:

Choose An Estate Agent Who Will Help You

The majority of estate agents want to help you to maximise the amount you get back from selling your property especially as they make money from it too but others just want to get it sold and move onto the next one, meaning they may not give it as much care and attention as it requires. A good estate agent will help you to achieve your properties full potential and make it appealing to all who walk through its doors. Let them do the talking and let them show the property - they know what to say and what things to show off to prospective buyers. They’re also better placed to answer any questions that may stump you as the seller.
We at New Home 4 U can help with this. We’ve been named as Mold’s friendliest estate agent and are award winners for exceptional sales - ranked in the top 3% of UK estate agents. We know what buyers are looking for and what they are willing to pay and can help you achieve this. All properties on our books feature on our website to maximise the number of eyes that see it and if your home is valued above £350,000, we also offer a premium property selling service in NH4U Exclusive. Choose a helpful estate agent to start with and you’ll soon see those offers come rolling in.

Consider First Impressions

As mentioned above, kerb appeal is a real thing and it creates a lasting first impression. Did you know that most buyers make up their minds within the first few minutes of arriving at a property? With that in mind, it is important to make sure that the outside of your house looks just as good as the inside, if not better.
Make sure the roof and windows are in good condition and the gardens and pathways are well maintained. Trim back some bushes and hedges if they are looking a little unruly. You might even want to consider giving any painted walls or fences a lick of paint. Do any repairs that are needed both inside and outside the house as these are likely to be the first things prospective buyers notice. 

Keep It Clean & Decluttered

If you have an agent coming round to do a valuation or indeed people looking to buy, make sure your home is looking fresh and clean. Make sure any clutter is got rid of and make sure everywhere is clean - that means getting rid of any limescale and picking up after yourself. However it is important to remember that the home still needs to have a bit of personality so don’t make it look like a total show home as this could also work against you - people may think you are trying to hide something from them.

Focus On The Kitchen

The kitchen is considered the most valuable room in a house and can really swing a sale if the buyers haven’t completely reached a decision. A kitchen is the hub of the home so if you are struggling to sell, take a look and see what things could be changed or updated to better your chances. Changing cabinets or countertops needn’t be expensive and can make a real difference. It is also worth putting any appliances away that don’t need to be out - keep the kettle and toaster but store the slow cooker and the blender away (even if you use them regularly), instead of cluttering up the sides.

Consider Some Home Improvements

As well as updating your kitchen, there are some other home improvements you can make to really maximise selling potential and make your home more valuable. These can be expensive so it is worth considering if you really want to go ahead. However if your home has potential for so much more, why not make those improvements and then sell your home for a much higher price?
This could range from converting the loft into extra bedrooms, a garage into a home office or even just extending certain rooms or adding on a conservatory. If these will add value to your room and you will still make a good profit after you sell the property, then why wouldn’t you do it? Many people have remodelled their kitchen or had a loft conversion done, only to sell their house within months rather than enjoy the fruits of their labour - this is because they were doing what they had to do to make their home seem more appealing and valuable to prospective buyers.

Don’t Forget The Simple Things

Sometimes the simple things can make the world of difference. A light and airy room with the blinds or curtains open can really make a home seem much nicer as do flowers and plants around the house. These also smell great which can make a property feel really homely and inviting. Good smells intrigue and allure people and there’s a good reason why some people suggest baking fresh bread or cakes before having people look round.
With these top tips, your home will be more valuable and more appealing to more buyers in no time at all!

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