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Why NewHome4U is the best and safest estate agent to use as we return to normal

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As everyone knows, we're not one to dwell on negativity here at NewHome4U. We've not become Molds fastest-growing and biggest estate agent by settling for less, and with that in mind, our whole team has come together to tackle COVID-19 head-on.

We will start by saying a sincere thank you to everyone that's been working hard across all sectors during the last 4 months - who's cared for us or our loved ones when we've been poorly, have delivered our letters and parcels, kept the food flowing to our tables and kept our worlds spinning while we've all been away.

Thank you everyone

Now that the biggest impact of lockdown is behind us, it's more important than ever to support your local businesses, which we're all doing here at NewHome4U. Be local, shop local and eat local. With that in mind, we've put together this bumper article with everything you need to know about moving home safely with NewHome4U - Mold's leading friendly estate agent.

Almost every aspect of our daily lives have been changed and affected in some way by the pandemic, whether it is from the lockdown or from the number of restrictions that have been placed on everything we do.

It’s no surprise that a lot of people were set to move house during the period leading up to COVID-19 being declared a global pandemic, and this meant that a lot of people may, in fact, did have their dreams sharply put on hold. Here at NewHome4U, we want to assure you how we've handled these situations, and how we're now up to full capacity in getting your old home sold fast, and you moved into your new home with ease.

So let’s take a look at how we make it incredibly easy to move house with NewHome4U. 

Should You Move House?

So, perhaps the biggest question which a lot of people have is whether or not they should actually put their house up for sale, and move out of their homes during this time and into new ones.
NewHome4U have been working throughout to assist people to move home safely, and smoothly - and it's all gone to plan perfectly. We're fully COVID-secure, has assessed all the risks and have processes in place to keep all our buyers, sellers and viewers as safe as possible.

With recent government guidance allowing estate agents and the property sector to pick up full pace, along with the recent news that stamp duty tax will be completely suspended for most house sales until the end of March 2021, now has never been a better time to sell your house, for the value it's worth, with NewHome4U.

We Care 4 U

As a member of the public, there are certain things that you should do to protect yourself and others during this period of instability.
With the virus under control, numbers continuing to drop, and the lockdown restrictions relaxed by the government, NewHome4U are fully prepared and ready to go with helping you move safely and efficiently - with the same happy and friendly service all our customers are used to. In the event that you have already exchanged contracts with someone, and the property is currently occupied, we've been supporting all parties to discuss things in order to come up with the best possible solution and keep everything moving smoothly. Our experience in dealing with these scenarios means we're the best choice to help you find your NewHome4U.

Open the door to your new home with NewHome4U

Dealing with Finances and Mortgages

What makes us the best estate agent for you, is our ability to provide in-house mortgage advice specific to your needs. The team at Love Mortgages have been hard at work helping our customers in all different scenarios with extending the terms of their mortgage, assisting with the communication between buyers and lenders, and that puts us in a powerful position to ensure the move into your new home is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. To get unbeatable mortgage advice from the team at Love Mortgages, click here, or call them on 01244 90 44 10.

Putting Your Home on the Market and Viewings

Understandably, during a period of uncertainty people can suspect a slow-down in the property market. Whether that happens or not, is usually unnoticeable to the average person - and if you have a good estate agent, it never affects the sale price of your property. Look for an estate agent who's friendly, with a loyal following of interested buyers, who markets your home in a forward-thinking way and matches the perfect home to the perfect buyer better and quicker than the competition. We're incredibly proud of how we do things here at NewHome4U - call us or message us at any time and let us help you find your NewHome4U.


Accepting Offers and Exchanging Contracts 

Something important to pay attention to is that you can exchange contracts and accept offers on your property as normal now - which is fantastic news. We've ensured all our customers moving over the past few months have been kept up to date with any minor, and understandable delays, and made the moving process incredibly easy. It also means we're highly experienced in ensuring all the cogs can move quickly on your sale or purchase.

Only ever trust an honest, transparent estate agent

This is more important than ever at the current time. Estate agents should be aware that they have an obligation to continue to support their clients during this period of instability, and should actively seek to help the process move as much as they can within the confines of public safety, and good customer service. This means conducting viewings in a COVID-secure way and ensuring all elements of a sale or purchase progress as quickly as possible. Don't let anyone hide behind any doom and gloom as an excuse to not be performing quickly, and efficiently to your needs.
Generally, estate agents are expected to continue to work to make sure viewings and moving dates are brokered, ensure all outstanding paperwork and third parties are doing their utmost to make sure the process is finalised in a quick and safe way - meeting all the rules and regulations. Here at NewHome4U, we've been ensuring people are moving into their new homes in exactly the same honest, happy and transparent way we always have done.

Love Mortgages


Conveyances and Surveyors

We are so proud of our third-party NewHome4U partners. We're working with the best conveyancers who make every available effort to complete sales and purchases to the best of their ability, while at the same time making sure that all COVID-secure procedures are followed. We've seen some fantastic surveyors ensuring that surveys of houses are being conducted in a timely, efficient and safe way - so have full confidence that the market has never been more efficient at working together to ensure a smooth moving process.

Removal Firms

So as you move forward and plan a house sale, don't forget to plan the actual move! This can be a daunting task, so we want to put you at ease with any worries you may have. We saw many removal firms meet their contractual obligations during lockdown - there were some understandable delays, but things have picked up great now. It's been great to hear from our customers on their positive move-in experience, the smile on peoples faces and the gratitude we get from all our happy buyers and sellers never gets boring, it's what we're here for - and removal firms have performed incredibly well in ensuring they have the capacity and ability to help you move home in a safe and secure way.

We are here to help

We hope this helps in building the excitement that's been brewing to move home over these last few months. We sure are very excited to be helping people find their new home. In conclusion, these are just a few of the different things which need to be taken into consideration during the buying and selling process, and the moving house process as a whole. It’s important to understand there are numerous different reasons why moving house can be delayed, however, we want to fill you with confidence with how proud we are of every member of the team here at NewHome4U, and the ability we have to ensure every element of selling or finding a NewHome4U is as exciting, enjoyable and smooth as it's always been.

Thank you so much for considering NewHome4U. Your health and safety is more important to us than anything else, and we want to ensure you that we're here to help you sell your old home, and find that dream NewHome4U.

Call us on 01352 837 837 or message us here to say hello at any time.