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We are here for all homeowners through the months ahead

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Selling your home is exciting! You’re about to embark on the next chapter of your life. But it can feel bittersweet, especially if you’re stressing over the sale.

We don’t blame homeowners for feeling stressed – it’s a perfectly natural response to such a life-changing transaction. There are financial, practical, and legal matters to consider. Not to mention, COVID-19 and recent economic challenges have created additional concerns.

At NewHome4U, it’s our mission to make home selling/buying as worry-free as possible. Awarded for our personable approach, we apply our industry knowledge to give you the smoothest and most beneficial sale.

Read on for our property market forecast and details of how we plan to support homeowners over the next twelve months.

The property market in Wales: What’s ahead?

If you keep in touch with the news, you’ll be aware of the economic issues facing the UK. There’s been debate about whether, and to what extent, this economic downturn will affect UK property prices.

According to a report by Nationwide Building Society, there has been a slight drop in the ‘Annual house price growth' recently. This means that house prices are increasing at a slightly slower rate in the third quarter of 2022 (July – Sept), compared to the second quarter (April – Jun).

For example, during the second quarter of 2022, properties in Wales increased in value by an average of 13.4% per year. During the third quarter, this figure dropped slightly to 12.1%. Essentially, this means that property price growth has slowed down.

But this doesn’t necessarily translate to a drop in house prices - so do not worry!

The good news 

The good news is that Wales is the third strongest performing region in terms of property price increases (second only to Southwest England, and East Midlands). 
Wales (12.1%) is also outperforming both Northern Ireland (10.1%) and Scotland (7.8%) in terms of national property price increases (annual).

This means that homeowners in Wales are less likely to see the value of their property stagnate/fall compared to most other regions. 

NewHome4U’s unique offering: How we can help

It has always been our mission to take the stress out of house selling, and that continues to be our focus as we move into the next twelve months. Here’s what you can expect as a customer of NewHome4U:

1. Expert understanding of the market 

When pricing your property, it’s important to balance realism with ambition. We combine our years of experience and up-to-the-minute understanding of the local property market to pursue the ideal price for your property.

Indeed, since no two properties/situations are alike, it’s important to find a dynamic estate agent who can design a sales strategy that’s going to work for you.

For homeowners, we begin this process with a free and thorough valuation of your home. You are then provided professional guidance throughout the entire sales process to ensure a lucrative deal.

Whether you’re buying or selling through us (or both!), you’ll feel supported thanks to our expert accreditations and industry know-how.

2. Clear and effective marketing

To ensure a swift and profitable sale, your property needs to be seen! Likewise, if you’re a buyer, you’ll want to browse properties with ease.

We are supporting our customers by ensuring that properties-for-sale are not only visible but that the particulars are transparent.

This begins with our detailed online database of properties for sale in Flintshire. We also advertise our properties on all the major property websites, as well as on social media.

Perhaps most importantly, though, we keep a database of prospective buyers and market new properties directly to them. We’re interested in finding the right buyer, not just any old buyer, so approaching our database is one of our preferred marketing methods in order to match your property with a buyer as quickly and efficiently as possible.

3. Compliance

Certain compliance factors need to be adhered to when buying or selling a home. For example, you need to have a valid EPC certificate before you can sell a home in the UK. 
Things like this can add extra stress when you’re selling your home. At NewHome4U, we’re highly experienced in selling homes of all kinds, so we’re well aware of the legislation and compliance that’s involved.

We will advise you upfront of any compliance that needs to be taken care of. This will save you a lot of time and worry further down the line. We can also introduce you to a trusted solicitor to act on your behalf if needed.

Indeed, it is our thorough and professional approach to compliance which helps us to secure swift sales for our clients.

4. Mortgage support

The recent rise in interest rates has affected some mortgages in the UK, especially those attached to the lender’s standard variable rate.  Understandably, this change is making buyers warier than usual.

That said, low-deposit mortgages are likely to continue being abundant, which could help first-time buyers get on the property ladder. Various help-to-buy schemes could also be of interest to some buyers.

At NewHome4U, we work closely with Beth from Love Mortgages. Over the coming months, she will continue to offer highly personalised advice to our customers (if they need it), so that they can secure the very best mortgage deal.

5. Friendly service

The most important thing you should know about NewHome4U is that we are a warm and approachable team.

Having been long recognised as award-winning ‘Mold’s Friendliest Estate Agent’, we’re committed to our mission of making house buying/selling an enjoyable process.

Providing a friendly service comes naturally to us because we genuinely care about your property sale. We truly want the best for you so we’re on hand 7 days a week to answer your questions – big or small.  Call us today on 01352 837 837 for an informal chat about your next move.

Looking ahead

Despite recent economic challenges, we’re hopeful for the next twelve months.

Not only because property-price growth is relatively strong in Wales compared to other regions, but also because we know how to put our customers first and adapt to changes in the market. 

Our years of knowledge and expertise fill us with confidence that we’ll continue to negotiate the best outcomes for all of our customers - you included.