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Buying or Selling Property during Coronavirus - December 2020

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Great news for buyers or sellers of property! Brand new guidance has just been issued by the Government on how you can do either safely in the pandemic.  Below we have listed all the relevant sections from the gov.wales website, however, we would invite you to visit them directly by clicking: Moving Home during Coronavirus to find out more.
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Preparing to buy, sell or move home
You can put your home on the market and start to look for properties you want to move into.

  • you can begin to market your home and property agents are able to visit in order to take photos or videos of the property, but they should do so in accordance with workplace guidance for employers and employees: COVID-19 and the physical distancing in the workplace guidance. All reasonable measures must be taken in workplaces and premises to minimise the risk of exposure to the virus
  • to help prevent the spread of infection, you should do the majority of your property searching online.
  • you can offer viewings of your own property, but we recommend that you clean it thoroughly before viewings take place. You can get more information about cleaning in non-healthcare settings on GOV.UK. If you are a tenant, the landlord or agent may also advise you of the recommended cleaning process
  • as usual, you can also start to bring together the documentation necessary to sell your property (more information on these documents is available in the government’s guidance on how to sell homes)
  • if you wish to buy a new build property, you should make contact with the developer in the usual way. You should be able to view the show home online or in person or visit the particular plot you are interested in purchasing, although there will likely be appointment systems in place. You should follow all instructions given by the developer or selling agent carefully and follow social and physical distancing rules at all times

Property viewings

Physical viewings can take place of occupied and unoccupied properties. The following advice on prioritising virtual visits, hand washing and respiratory hygiene measures, maintaining social distancing at all times and avoiding contact where possible should be followed.

You should use virtual viewings before visiting properties in person, in order to minimise public health risks, by ensuring you are visiting only those properties that appear to be most suitable to meet your needs and preferences. Physical viewings can take place, but there are ‘key points to consider,’ which are further explored below, to do so safely.

If you are a tenant, your landlord or their agent can arrange physical viewings of your home whilst you are occupying that property, with your consent. The landlord or agent will be in touch with you to agree how the property viewing can take place safely. You should tell your landlord or agent if you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or self-isolating. No one should visit the property whilst you are self-isolating. You should also discuss with your landlord or agent if the property viewing will cause you concern in relation to your health or for other reasons. Again, landlords or their agent should seek your consent to a physical viewing.

If you are a property owner selling your property, your agent will advise on the process, and how to sell your property safely including how property viewings will be carried out safely. 

If you are selling your property privately, and managing viewings yourself, you should refer to the guidance contained within this document and the housing sector guidance.

Key points to consider are:

  • you should search for properties online in the first instance
  • initial viewings should be done virtually and property landlords and agents should help you to do this
  • all physical viewings of properties should be by appointment only and social distancing rules should be followed by everyone involved
  • physical viewings of properties should be limited to members of the same household, and ideally, where possible, the adult members of that household only (or one member from each household if the home move involves the household and extended household), thereby limiting the number of visitors including children, viewing a property at any one time
  • Any work in someone’s home should be carried out in line with guidance on working in other people’s homes
  • the agent or landlord can accompany the viewing
  • social distancing measures must be adhered to at all times
  • no open house viewings should take place
  • whilst viewings are taking place we recommend those living at the property vacate it, to minimise their contact with those not in their household who are viewing the property. If the current occupiers of the property remain on the grounds of the property, i.e. in the garden premises, they should maintain social distancing whilst other people are shown around the property
  • whilst viewings are taking place where the current occupiers of the property cannot vacate the property, even for a short time, they should make efforts to minimise contact with those viewing the property, for example, by being in a different room from these individuals and maintaining social distancing at all times
  • the agent or landlord must travel to the property separately from the household viewing the property; car sharing is to be avoided
  • when physically viewing vacant properties you should still avoid touching surfaces, wash your hands at the earliest opportunity following the visit and bring and use your own hand sanitiser
  • viewings of empty rooms in houses of multiple occupation or shared accommodation can take place. Where the current occupiers of the rooms cannot vacate the rooms, even for a short time, they should make efforts to minimise contact with those viewing the rooms, for example, by being in a different room from these individuals and maintaining social distancing at all times. If the occupiers of a house in multiple occupation have been advised to self-isolate, no viewings may take place, even if the person displaying symptoms lives in a different part of the property and will not be encountered
  • once the viewing has taken place, the landlord or agent responsible for accompanying the viewing should ensure surfaces, such as door handles, are cleaned with standard household cleaning products and towels disposed of safely or washed as appropriate
  • when you enter someone else’s home, or if someone enters your home, the guidance on entering other people’s homes should be followed